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HPE Growth follows it’s intention and mission to leverage its position as a technology investor to influence better and positive outcomes. HPE believes in the power of technology as a contributor to solutions for current environmental and social issues.


Our Beliefs


As a responsible investor, we experience the roll-out of (digital) technology as an opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable, secure and honest future.

HPE seeks to deploy institutional capital to invest and grow strong companies that foster innovation, equality and decent work and economic growth through their products and services. In addition, these companies are committed to reducing climate change, improving health and education.

We believe that there is a strong link between effective ESG integration and improved welfare of companies and society. Applying ESG principles and goals should not only lead to better long-term financial returns, but also a closer alignment between the objectives of institutional investors and society at large.

To emphasize the importance of ESG, HPE has committed itself to be a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) since 2009 and has received its B Corporation certification.

Our Focus


Supporting the management teams of our portfolio companies in accelerating growth depends almost entirely on the performance of its people. We therefore consider it our duty and responsibility to promote diversity, inclusion and equality within our portfolio companies, as well as help to create a happy, secure and integer workplace.

Many studies show that companies that have a diverse and inclusive team have the best access to talent, operate more effectively, and inspire employees to perform their best. HPE practices this belief in its own firm and considers this key for any of its portfolio companies.

Employers that provide a safe, healthy and stimulating work environment will see that sickness rates and staff turnover are lowest in their industry. It will also be in a better position to make a positive impact on society.

Our Commitment


HPE is committed to integrating ESG across all four stages of the investment cycle:

  • Deal sourcing: for each potential investment target HPE is analyzing, the investment team considers ESG risk factors


  • Due diligence: HPE performs an ESG due diligence for new investments.


  • Portfolio monitoring & engagement: HPE Growth has implemented both ESG and SDG impact evaluation into its investment and monitoring processes


  • Exit approach: following the investment horizon, we discuss the success of improvement plans and priorities, along with suggestions on how to continue to improve



Our references


Sustainability Report

We aim to inform our stakeholders on a regular basis on how ESG matters are developing in our portfolio companies and within our own organization.  This includes the yearly issuance of our impact report, which is shared with our investors and can be requested here.


Responsible Investment Policy

We thrive to be at the forefront of ESG developments and continuously review and update our ESG policy (Responsible Investment Policy) accordingly. To read our ESG policy, please click here.



HPE Growth B.V. (“HPE Growth” or “HPE”) makes the following disclosures in accordance with the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (1019/2088) (“SFDR”) when acting as manager under the AIFMD.



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